3 Confidence Boosters for the New Season

Written by : Emily Roberge

Are you being authentic to yourself? 

How do you speak to yourself ? 

Who do you spend your time with and how do they speak to you? 


Ask yourself these questions to create confidence boosting tendencies as we enter the new Fall season. Enter the season with these THREE confidence boosters to obtain stamina for the upcoming holiday season. 


Surround yourself around like minded people:

This may seem like a no brainer 🧐 but it is so important to surround yourself around peoples that MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD. Don’t settle for less. 
People who call you FAT, UGLY or put you down are NOT the people you want to spend your time with nor should anyone have to endure verbal abuse. 
Create a group of people that share the same goals, interests and most importantly; the same heart as you. People who root for you and want the same success they want for themselves are the people you want to spend time with. 

This might look like NOT seeing some people you’re use to seeing a lot. Or maybe it’s heading to your favorite local boutique where they always make you feel like you’re a movie star when you go there. Whatever it is for- go to where it feels good !!

More places where to find support :

- Yoga classes

- Book club

- Join a sport or outdoor activity

Wear what makes you feel good :

There are so many unwritten or (maybe they are written) rules about what you can and can not wear. Who should be wearing this or who shouldn’t be wearing that. The bottom line for any kind of “fashion rule” is to wear what makes you feel  good. If you love it, then you should wear it - further more; you should wear it with confidence !! Staying true to yourself and being authentic to what clothing makes YOU happy is the best thing you can do for yourself.

There are NO RULES when you wear what makes you happy…

If you have been worried about wearing those biker shorts..


Worried about that top that shows more of your arms?


Funky patterned shirt doesn’t “match” your top ?


News Flash Sticker - News Flash Stickers
  Who's happiness are you living for? Others; or your own?
How would it make sense to live a life satisfying others before you satisfy yourself? Our Autonomy is what makes us unique to ourselves. Choose what brings you joy to stay true to yourself despite what rules or influences that may be around you. 

Affirmations :

Affirmations can be a great way to discuss with yourself how you want to be feeling for the day. It’s easy to get carried away in the deadlines and to-do lists. Having daily reminders to repeat to yourself can be transforming. Having a little pick me up trick in your back pocket can come in handy ! Affirmations can be encouraging or supporting statements or phrases that you want to carry with you through out the day or a gentle reminder when you are in need.  Start by looking in the mirror after getting into a kick ass outfit.
Tell yourself : “ DAMN GIRL !! You look good in this fit.” 
You Got This GIF - You Got This Thumbs Up Approve GIFs

It might sounds silly at first; but after a few days, a few weeks; you will begin looking forward to that moment in the mirror where you affirm how good you’re looking in that badass fit. 

More easy reminders or affirmations you can recite daily :

“My flaws are unique to me.”
“I love my body.”
“My appearance is not my worth.”
 . . . . Now..  Let’s get back to our confidence and start kicking ass again 😘

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