Fall Fashion : Season Classics that we love

 See you later, Summer

Although we love Summer fashion and we're sad to leave it behind - Fall fashion is a favorite at our store, we love the trends that come with the season; the colors, the layers and everything FALL. Back to school is in full swing, those early mornings might be getting a little chilly in the Midwest. This feeling has us looking for our layers, our booties, flannels and shackets !!
Read below to be reminded of the fall fashion classics !!
Skinny Jeans : When we look for a trendy outfit in our Fall closet and we are in need of a quick decision, NEVER DOUBT your trusty Skinny Jeans and Booties. 
Skinny Jeans are a classic look for when the weather starts to shift. Your Skinny denims should offer the right amount of stretch so you remain comfortable all day in those cute tight jeans !! A classic pair of Skinny Denims will team perfectly with sneakers or a sandal while the weather is still warm. 
Booties : Probably Six Cypress' favorite type of shoe are Ankle Booties. While sneakers and sandals are cute with skinny jeans - Ankle booties are the MOVE !! Like pictured above, our Connor Slouch Bootie will look perfect with your skinny denims. The slouch look really sets this pair of booties a part from the rest. Wear with a cute band tee, or a blouse for more of a sophisticated look. 
What is Fall without a flannel or plaid pattern ? Easy to wear and a great go to look for the colder weather to come. Having your trusty flannel for the season is a must !! A plaid or flannel pattern worn as the shirt or as an easy layer option is always a classic look to "Fall" back on.. see what I did there? 

TIP : Try to look for flannels that are both bold and neutral so you have multiple options for what look you are going for any occasion 

Neutral shade: Pairs easily with multiple colors for an effortless look; beige and cream tone flannels for the win !!
Bold shade: When you're looking for a color pop; reach for the RED or ORANGE flannel and pair with darker bottoms

Classic Fall Shades :

  • Olive
  • Mahogany 
  • Burgundy
  • Beige
  • Burnt Orange
  • Deep Red Shades
Any of the listed colors above are great Fall color options and are perfect to blend into your fabulous wardrobe !! Finding the right Fall color shade can depend on hair color, skin tone and of course how comfortable you feel. If you have more of a fair skin tone with COOL undertones; look for jewel tones like Reds or Purples. If you have a WARM undertone; either darker skin tone or fair - look for your typical Autumn shades that have earthy tones like Olive and Burnt Orange. If you have a mix of WARM & COOL; neutral tones like Ivory and Beige look great with your complexion. You can typically find any Autumn shade and it will complement your complexion very well !!


Truly the best part of Fall is the layering options :

Follow these easy steps when looking for a cute layering look: 

Step 1 : Start with a basic lightweight top. Layers should be snug but not TOO tight; you want to allow yourself a breathable fabric with enough room to move comfortably 

Step 2 : Next, contrast your look and create a balance. If you have a loose top, wear a chunky cardigan and tight skinny jeans. If you have a tight top, where loose wide leg pants. 

Step 3 : Think about texture and patterns. When creating a layering look; consider playing with textures like knit, flannel, cotton etc. to have more dimension in your style. Play with patterns to add a pop of color to your look as well !!


Hope you found these Fall Fashion reminders helpful !!


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